Quebec rustic chic

BO The cozy warmth of Quebec

The cozy warmth of Quebec

Style : Rustique chic

Also called country chic, the rustic chic decor style emphasizes on raw materials and authenticity, it is inspired by the natural environment. Refinement and luminosity characterize this style with natural and warm tones in all the rooms of the house.

timeless and always in fashion!

Intemporel et indémodable !

Intemporel et indémodable !

Colors :

Les couleurs sont généralement neutres et claires, on joue cependant sur les camaïeux pour obtenir une ambiance douce et pleine de charme et rester proche de la nature. Les harmonies de gris ou de beige sont préférées dans cet esprit cosy. 

Materials :

Beams and old stones, terracotta tiles and wood ... Furniture from salvaged goods, flea markets or family attics, a wicker armchair made more comfortable by a faux fur blanket, dried flowers will give the sought-after chic and warmth.

timeless and always in fashion!

Products associated to the Rustic Chic style

The LVT range Cocoon Wood 

The principle: play on contrasts in styles, colors and materials.

Par usage :

By Color :

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