Balinese serenity

BO The Balinese mineral sweetness

The Balinese mineral sweetness

Style : Boho-chic

The bohemian chic Balinese style is a natural style while contrasting, dark and light at the same time, enhanced by light walls and dark wood furniture, adorned with touches of color.


De l’ombre à la lumière !

De l’ombre à la lumière !

Colors :

Le blanc est la couleur phare. Le beige, le gris, le taupe et le rose poudré viennent compléter cette palette de couleurs. Les teintes foncées sont adoptées par petites touches. 

Materials :

For a cocooning look, we focus on raw materials and natural materials. We think of wool rugs, macrame ottomans, linen sheets or veil curtains. Wood, stone, textiles, feathers, seashells, curtains, natural textures, rattan baskets and wicker suspensions.

From shadow to light!

Products associated with the « Boho Chic » style

The Balinese pebble is the ideal product to bring softness and natural light to your interiors. laced to the wall or the floor, it is the character element of a successful « boho chic » decor.

Par usage :

By Color :

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